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Clinic dates are twice monthly, on Saturdays

- We DO support the 2 year renewal option.
- Valid card patients can complete their application up to 60 days before going expired. (Your expiration date is listed on your card and you get a reminder email from the DOH when you are 60 days from expiring.)
- Expired cards can complete any time. (If you have never done the online application go to New Applications)

Please READ instructions and tips before clicking the link to the DOH.

  1. Sign into with your email address and password. (The ones you used from the prior year. If you do not know what email you used please call us and ask.)
    1. You will prompted you to change your password. This can be as simple as changing the special character or a number. OR feel free to create a whole new password.
    2. If you do not have your password, from the year before you, will need to click RETRIEVE PASSWORD link, get a temporary one sent to you via email then create a new one.
  2. Once you are signed in to your account click 'Application Status'.
    1. Press the RENEW button. It will auto-fill your information from the previous year.
    2. Update any info that needs to be updated, such as: your address, ID expiration date, grow-site, etc.
    3. IF you have a caregiver make sure to update any of their info along with getting the print out pages (caregiver certificate and grow site certificate, 3 total) to have them signed. MAKE SURE TO READ THROUGH AND CHECK OFF THE APPROPRIATE BOXES. Yes, you have to do this every year.
      1. You can grab them, to print, on the Upload Documents page by pressing the box that says ‘Get it here’.
      2. Either attach them yourself or email them to us, along with both valid IDs so we can scan and attach them for you.
        1. If IDs are still current then we will have them on file from the previous year. If either ID has expired we will need a picture of it.
        2. If you have a NEW caregiver then we will need their ID via text, email or uploaded to the application.
  3. Upload a picture of just your government issued ID or we can help you attach it. Do not attach a picture of your old 329 card.
  4. Proceed to the end of the application, sign the Terms and Agreements then pay the annual $38.50 application fee, to the Department of Health, using a credit/debit card.
  5. Call or e-mail us with your APPLICATION NUMBER to schedule your appointment.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions. 808-300-8822 or